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What do you guys think about this hood?

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Yeah we just got the car done a couple weeks ago.  We were under the impression the bird would have more gold in it thats why we went with the original gold lettering (seperate people did the bird and the body paint/decals).  We actually ended up taking off the T/A 6.6 off the shaker because it clashed too much with the bird on the hood.

All the rest of the decals have about 5-6 coats of clear coat over them so it will be a job to change them.  We plan on doing it this winter.

Thinking about going with a red set of Trans Am decals and having the same bird thats on the hood airbrushed on the sail panels.

that is a lovely piece of artwork , and i think it looks great but would be undecided on, if i prefered it  to an orginal eagle ,but then i do love orginal looking trans ams.

But got to say, it  depends on what you like and for all the different type of eagles ive seen painted on ,thats one of the nicest  :D

Like some of the others, I can't cast a vote either way. Your hood is AWSEOME! :D  But I do like the factory bird.

Great job on the paint!!


78 T/A:
I can't decide on my vote because I'm a huge fan of original stuff but that's one sweet lookin' bird.  Beautiful detail.

It is nice to see someone else out there who has ventured out from the original mindset and done something custum.  It is a relief to see that because I am in the process of doing the same thing with my 79.  I am like a lot of the others who say that they like the original decals, but I also think that a good custom job that doesn't go over the top can be a real eye catcher.  I think that the bird is awsome and the overall paint job looks great.  The two things that I will criticize are the head of the bird favoring an eagle rather than the traditional pheonix and I think to really get the best look you should have done the sail panels and lettering in the same color and custom style as the hood.  As for the hood though, I think it was well done and looks great.


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