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what would you guys do ?

It's a original 1 owner car white on white with blue carpet,dash and center console, or redo it in black with gold decals.

I'm having a very tough time deciding.  I love the way the black one's look but at the same time I'm keeping this car and don't want it to lose it's value

yeah man keep it original, alot of people would like to have an SE, but whats the point if the #'s say it's not. the first thing people will ask you if you go with the SE is "is that an original SE?" plus i haven't seen many white w/ blue interior T/A's. but thats just my opinion.

Hey CVC,

If you have a one owner car that you just purchased and everything is matching numbers.  It really would'nt do the car justice to change the color.  Please keep in mind that the PHS documentation will match your car as it is now, white.

I have an SE black car and during the summer months can be blistering on the interior.   However, if it is a black SE that your looking for sell the white one and buy an SE.  There are a enough Black SE's on the planet already.  Why would you want a clone from a car that is so close to original.  And, when was the last time you saw a really nice, tastefully restored or original, white T/A? A lot of people like looking at T/A's in colors other than black.  Some say there are too many black T/A's around.  

Good luck with which avenue you choose.  Keep the car original is my opinion.  I think it will keep it's value as people are mostly interested in original matching numbers cars.  But ultimately the decision is yours.  But thanks for asking for our opinion and the poll.


Since you're specifically asking, mark me down for original.

thanks for the replys.  I decided to keep it original, the good thing is all the interior is in excellent condition with the exception of the carpet,headliner and drivers seat.


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