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Car hauler Needed....New York City Area to Mentor


Anyone know of any car carriers heading between NYC area and Bretts place please let me know...

I am trying to arrange for shipping the week of Dec 18th or there about.

Car will not be running at the time of shipping engine will be pulled prior to shipping.


Found someone.. so for those of you that helped thank you very much...

I am now officially excited!  :shock:

My car will be picked up on the 16th and off to Bretts shop for some work!


That's great Solar! I hope your car arrives safely at Brett's shop.  Can't wait to see it done!

Thanks! I can't wait to see it either.. I feel like a kid at christmas...

I will post photos here as Brett does work and sends them to me...

Brett you good with the camera?? what about fabrications.. I was thinking about a JellyMeatball Shiftknob! hahaha


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