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Yo, El Conquistador (Thats spanish for Hitman), Whats up with the star rating system? What seperates junior peons from the 5 star El Presidente' (more spanish, same reference).  I better not have to do anything lewd to get promoted !!!

The Star rating systems is based on the number of posts. 

0 - 100 posts is Jr. Member
100 - 500 posts is Member
500 - 1500 posts is Sr. Member
1500 - ?? posts is Adv. Member

1.  Mikey as long as it involves you no act is too lewd :-* :-* :-*

2.  El Conqistador, how did Mikey get 5 blue stars with 381 posts ??? Because he's a moderator?  What is that anyways ? Sounds like a technical term for suck butt! ;D ;D ;D

What kinda sneaky stuff is going here, Hammer has 343 posts and he has 5 stars. Can I have a few balloons at least?

I see. First I get out starred, then my 1st amendment rights are squished, and now lomilwhatchamacallum gets balloons  ????? Thats it for the next five minutes I am boycotting this site while I refill my coffee !!!  :P :P :P


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