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How can I pull up a list of forum member names, sort by location (states) to find out how many are from Michigan. That way I can try to organize a small club if anyone is interested. I think on the old forum I brought up the list & they were alphabetically in order ot they grouped together when I did a sort.

I am looking into how to search them by State.  I know I can do it from my Admin panel, but I am tryi to allow access to that for regular members.

Thanks Brett. It amazes me the time & effort you put into this. Its like we should be paying you in some way. Maybe Hammer can buy you a beer for me next time he sees you.

Hammer is too cheap for that :-)


--- Quote from: Hitman on March 18, 2007, 05:43:32 PM ---Hammer is too cheap for that :-)

--- End quote ---

You can feel the love in that statement ;)


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