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Got to hand it to ya Hitman


I know it's been said before but I've got to say it again, this new site is just fantastic Brett.  The ease of use and all of the new gadgets are just great!  Good job buddy, I just really love this site.  The dark color still gives my eyes problems but I know your working on that.

Thanks for a great site!!!

P.S.  Not too mention that really nice chat room we have now too!!   ;D

Glad I could make a nice place to hang out.  The other choice on the forum color will be coming soon.

Thanks Brett. You spend a lot of your free time making this site a great, fun place to visit. I don't know how you manage to do it by yourself. Good job, and again, thanks. :)

yes i believe thanx are in order for the hitman!! i love coming to the site, especially thru winter, keeps me sane!


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