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How I fixed my clock.

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Read the service manual.  There's a disclaimer about how hard it is to make a clock accurate.  Kind of funny.

"The electric clock, available on all series, operates on direct current from the car battery and must not be compared too closely for accruacy to a home electric clock operating on alternating current.  The cycles per second of alternating current used in the home are controlled and periodically correct at the power house, thereby elimating accumulation of errors.  With the direct current system, no such control is possible; therfore, automobile electirc clocks will accumulate errors day by day the same as handwound, spring-operated clocks."

The most common problem with these clocks is not electrical, it's that the clock needs oiling.  The second most common problem, which can be fatal, is pitting of the contacts.  Sometimes you can file them, but most of the time it's curtains.

thats a good writeup.....but you could always just buy another car with a working clock right ?

It might be easier !!

Brian, that is an awesome write up guy!  Thanks for posting.

My clock in the TA will only run for 10-20 sec. then it will stop. That can only be oil job, and the thing should run again right? :)


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