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Door sticker templates PDF files for download.

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I correct the FUEL. But you can modify all these things with the Adobe Acrobat reader too. And I changed the download adress to my own ftp server at home, so it's easier to change some things.

Anyone know where to find a sheet of white 8 1/2X 11" sheet of white vinyl adhesive that these can be printed on?

you've try ebay? Here we can get a lot of colored vinyl in ebay for laser printers.

If anyone has a template as to where they go on the door please let me know, or if your printing some on plastic sticker paper I would be interested in buying them

I'll try ebay and see if there are some sheets up for sale. I've got a buddy with an original 79 so I can look at his to see where the stickers go. Not sure about other years though.


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