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SEAT RECOVERING 101 -- The Ultimate Video Guide


We have been working on this series for a few weeks and are pleased to release this now together as one "Complete Guide" This is by far our most extensive Video Guide ever produced and covers everything you could ever need to know in one series. You can enjoy off of these videos online of course for free NOTE we do have these available at in DVD form as well

The videos are true step by step and provide easy to understand direction and information through the complete seat restoration process. This process is the same if you are using PUI, Pony Express, or Legendary seat covers. 

Enjoy guys it took about 50 hours of filming, editing, and creating this video series and hope you find this useful. As always we carry a wide selection of seat parts and covers online at

Remove a 3 pc Rear Seat

Rear Seat Lower

Separating the Upper & Lower Seats

Front Seat Upper

Front Seat Lower

Seat Tracks

Replace Seat Springs Lower Bottoms

Rear Seat Upper

Rear Seat Lower

Connecting the Upper & Lower Seats

Front Seat Upper

Front Seat Lower

Install Seat Belt Guide Retainers

Install Seat Back Piping Accent Trims on Deluxe Seat Back Plastics

Install Seat Belt Buckle Trim Covers for Shoulder Harness


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