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The factory Turbo Display for the 301 Turbo Trans Am, by GM's Pontiac Division were originally designed as:
 + Injection Molded plastic, a poor and inconsistent manufacturing process.
 + The entire component was orange Translucent plastic, painted flat black.
 + The plastic material was unable to sustain its' integrity when exposed to UV and engine operating temperatures.
 + The plastic material used by GM's Pontiac Division was a poor choice of materials, resulting in cracking, fading and losing all of its' integrity.
 + Owners are faced with gluing the cracks, repainting the finish in order to correct these factory defects.

 Our design, as many customers continue to experience, offers the following:

 1. An OEM exact original replacement for your 301 Turbo Monitor; Pontiac Turbo Trans Am.

 2. Designed and manufactured in the USA as an exact OEM replacement for your worn, broken or missing Turbo Boost Display.

 3. Manufactured using 3D Modeling, from PC-ABS plastic, designed to withstand extreme engine  temperatures, UV safe.

 4. The orange light indicators are functional translucent PC-ABS material, using the same properties of 3D Modeling, UV safe and able to withstand extreme engine temperatures.

 5. Finally, a perfect alignment to the factory Turbo hood bezel. The 301 Turbo Monitor aligns perfectly with all factory OEM equipment and hardware to your hood bezel.

 These units are available with a one to three week lead time, as pictured here. MSDS data is available upon request for the PC-ABS material or translucent lenses.

 Price: $480.00 plus shipping.

 Terms: U.S. Postal Money Order or paypal ONLY.

 Contact Information:
 Paul Pinto
 Cell: 716-nine four nine-908 two.


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