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Turbo Display Bar Reproduction - Turbo TA

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The new 3D Printing process seems to be the best alternative to reproduce this component.  In order to avoid a $25,000 investment in tooling, a 3D printing process in small quantities (using the AutoCAD Files) is the best method available.  Unfortunately, the cost per unit is close to $785.00.  This cost does not include the decals however, it's an investment for any owner. 

I plan to manufacture a couple of prototypes (2 pieces) and am looking for any interested yet serious Turbo Formula or T/A owners to inspect (and obviously return) the unit. 

If you are interested, please let me know. 


To date, we have discovered the following materials for our 3D Printing manufacturing process.  Based upon our non-disclosure agreement with the vendors and two private company donors, I can share the following.  The timeline is nearing for a prototype of five units. 

PC - Polycarbonate; Used for Aerospace Applications with a temperature tolerance of 261 degrees F.

PC-ABS; widely used for production parts in the Auto and Medical Industries, with a lower temperature tolerance of 215 degrees F. 

TBD.  A material, process and manufacturer for the orange inserts, translucent, strong tensile strength with same temperature tolerance.  Need to acquire the decals, select hardware for mounting and design a box for shipping OE reproduction unit.   

Turbo TA

We have finally completed the design phase of an OEM original replacement Turbo Boost Display for your Turbo T/A. Email me for a copy of the .jpg renderings that provide the final front and rear 3D Modeling templates. The plan is to print the translucent orange material for each of the three (Low, Medium & High) boost openings for lens.

 Please feel free to share among any Turbo owners. This OEM replacement is an exact replacement for your worn, broken or faded Turbo Boost Display. The factory wiring harness will mount the same, the turbo boost display will mount to your factory hood bezel, no modifications are needed!

 We will be providing a complete turnkey product including the four decals (Low, Medium, High & Turbo Charge). We will be manufacturing five initial prototypes. If anyone is interested in placing an order, we will need about another month to evaluate the prototypes. These units will be manufactured in small lots and pricing is yet to be made available. We are planning to utilize an ABSi thermoplastic material able to withstand 288/F of heat with great tensile strength.

Email me with any ideas or to reserve a unit.

 Thanks for sharing.



 Cell: 716-949-9082

As an update, the OEM remanufactured version of the Turbo Boost Display is ready.  The prototype phase is complete. I will be sending out an email soon along with various forums the details to order the Turbo Boost Display for your Turbo Trans Am.  Please expect to receive this information in the next week to ten days. 

If you have any questions, please email me. 

Thanks for your interest.

Cell:  716-949-9082

An OEM exact original replacement Turbo Boost Display for your Pontiac Turbo Trans Am.

 Turbo Trans Am, Turbo Boost Display, designed and manufactured in the USA as an exact OEM replacement for your worn, broken or missing Turbo Boost Display.

 Manufactured from PC-ABS plastic, designed to withstand extreme engine  temperatures, UV safe and functional translucent orange Turbo Boost display  indicators.

 Perfect alignment to the factory Turbo Display hood bezel. The Turbo Boost Display aligns perfectly with all factory OEM equipment.

 These units are available with a one to three week lead time, as pictured here.

 Price: $589.00 plus shipping.

 Terms: U.S. Postal Money Order ONLY.

 Contact Information:
 Paul Pinto
 Cell:  716-949-9082


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