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Restrictions for new members


Is there anyway to restrict new members ability to post new threads on the forum? I'm getting really tired of answering questions from new members who register to post ONE TIME and then never to be heard from again.
They should have to make regular answers to existing threads, like maybe 10 times before they are allowed to post a new thread.
I know of other forums that have that restriction, maybe it is built in to the forum software?

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I hadn't really noticed much of a problem I guess.  I only have 37 replies myself since most of the time I can search and find something.  the wealth of information through past posts and answers is why I chose to be a forum member.  it is hard for newbies to answer questions sometimes when someone is inexperienced, and just starting out in the learning/gathering information phase.  I always tell my kids "you don't know something until you do".

Help Everybody, I am always asking and learning, The more people that are here the better the Hobby will be ...    Just my opinion   

Look at my profile, and then click on answered threads. The 3 latest threads I have responded to has been from a new member with only one post, and they have not responded back in the thread.
I can't be the only one that has noticed that.
I try to answer if I can, but if I don't get some feedback, I'm going to stop answering new members/single posters. If they don't check back, it wasn't that important to them.

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