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Pontiac Motor Division 1975 - 1980 Options & Accessories Reports

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I found this site while looking up some info for a friend.  I noticed that Brett was asking for proof of any production numbers for the Blue, Yellow and Red birds.  I emailed him and sent all but one of the reports but don't know if he was able to open the reports I sent.  My scans were large files and he suggested PDF or Zip files.  I did the Zip and the size dropped but the last report is still over 25 meg.  I'll have to split this one since gmail does not allow attachments over 25 meg or they get uploaded first.  NBD I'm sure Brett is busy I just want to know if he can open what I sent and if he would like the last one.

Brett asked if they were the final report for the years and some say that.  Others show totals to August or September.  I know that a usual production year for GM started in Sept and ran till August.  I also know some years ran over but I'm unfamiliar with Pontiac's production runs.  If anyone talks to Brett often please let him know I posted this.  It's been a couple weeks and I don't want to leave him hanging especially if this info is something he can use.  Plus if you can fill in anything about the production time frame for these years that would help.

I enjoy the numbers deal, it is nice to see a option production number when it applies to your car or interest.  Hopefully you guys will get some new information from these reports.  I could upload them to if there is enough interest.  Here is one page of 103.

1975-1976 report

1976-1977 report

1978-1979 report

1979-1980 report

That is all the Pontiac reports I have.  Zip files can't be previewed on Dropbox but hit the blue button to download each report.  Brian

1977 W60 Esprit Special Appearance Firebird T87 (Skybird) 5,692

1978 W68 Esprit Special Appearance Firebird FT87 (Redbird) 3,140

1979 W68 Esprit Special Appearance Firebird FT87 (Redbird) 4,248

1980 W73 Yellow Bird Option Firebird T87 3,850

1977 Y81 Special Addition Trans AM Firebird W87 - Less Hatches 1,861

1977 Y82 Special Addition Trans AM Firebird W87 13,706

1978 Y84 Special Addition Trans AM - Black w/Fisher Hatch Firebird W87 298

1979 Y84 Special Addition Trans AM - Black w/Fisher Hatch Firebird W87 11,554

1980 Y85 White Limited Edition Firebird W87 5,700

Good info...thanks for sharing

I guess Brett doesn't feel like the reports are valid.  Crazy after all these years.

The reports are original Pontiac documents.


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