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1979 Trans Am Tenth Anniversary Repaint and Redcal

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Hello fellow survivors.

I own a stock 1979 TATA which needs to be repainted and re-decaled (if that's a word). It wears its original miserable California paint and decals. It has less than 50K miles.

Living in Austin, TX, I'm finding it impossible to find a decent paint shop (which does not include the word "COLLISION" in its title) to repaint and re-decal a TATA.

Please, if anyone could steer me in the right direction: does anyone know a quality car paint shop able to:

1. Competently paint a car with quality materials ($5K-$7K range). A quality paint professional, using quality paint under professional conditions

2. Apply TATA decals

3. Has references to back their prices

To preempt some responses, let me just say I do not want my decals painted on. Just ... no. I have seen people go down this road before, and become bankrupt.

Thank you so much. I appreciate all legitimate, reasonable responses!


It's 3hrs away from you but you might want to talk to David at Texas Trans Am's in Fort Worth

I concour, I have dealt with Dave a few times, and obivously, he is quite experienced. There should be no excuse not to make the 3hr journey there (well, except corona I suppose) to show him the car and get an idea on what needs to be done.

Looks to be fairly clean. Most places don't want projects that sit around for years in between their regular work so that may work in your favour if it only needs a light rub back and respray, minimal body work or rust. Having said that, that's still probably several years worth of waiting.

Iím in Phoenix, obviously no help to you, but the best price ( at a quality shop) that Iíve found to do mine,  is in the 15k range. Heck, there is one place that wanted 20k. If you can find a quality shop in Texas to do a really nice job for 5-7k, let me know, Iíll trailer mine down there to save that kind of money.  ;D


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