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81 turbo


Jim G:
Hi everyone..looking to get in touch with Jeri mulder..prettybird81. Would like to see photos of her 81 turbo trans am. We have similar cars. And have a few questions

Not to point out the obvious, but did you try to send her a personal message from the site here?

You could also look her up on the members list and scroll through her old posts to try and find some pics of her car

You could also see if anyone else has a similar/same car that could send photos

and lastly, try signing up at 301 garage as they deal primarily with the 301 turbo birds and I'm sure someone there can help you out

Jim G:
I might have tried a while back, im coming up empty..maybe she doesn't associate with this site anymore..just had a few questions about her car..mine is going through some paint..

Ahh gotcha

Ask here, 301 garage and Trans Am Country (TAC)

there is a plethora of individuals that can answer all the questions you have about your TTA!!


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