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Rear Inner Valance Replace


Hello everyone.  I have an 1980 Trans Am with T-Top that is in fairly good shape.
However the rear inner valance does have some rust on it and would like to get that repaired. 
I know its not a cheap repair but I was wondering about this replacement part. 
Is it the correct one to use \ purchase. (View bellow)
Or is it easier for a good body man to do a new part from scratch?

I'm not sure if that is a support bracket for back there in the works, but the link from Goodmark industries shows the panel you need that the bumper and lights hang off of

Hello, thanks for the info.  Are you referring to this one bellow? Thanks

Didn't get the link or the picture

Yes, it's the outer panel, tiny image but appears to be 79-81 without the lighting holes. I can't recall an inner rust panel, not looked either. It may actually be part of this outer panel, will have to find out further or find someone who has used this panel.

Not sure what the top image is at start of post, also looks like something else.

Ok possibly still separate. Check out the last few pages of this build showing a tail panel swap, once removed for new panel, still shows existing panel that I think you want to patch up.


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