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How do i modify Type1 Hurst weather strip to fit B pillar on 77 Formula Firebird


After ordering from three 3 different manufactures their weather stripping for a Type 1 Hurst T top.....the ws on the b pillar seems to be too long.  Has anyone run into this issue and solved it by cutting the ws to size?  I have no experience in this but it seems to be the only way to go.  thanks in advance for any help and if there IS a post already please let me know...i have done a bunch of searches and still haven't found anything discussing cutting and modifying the ws.

It's been 10+ years ago but I recall having the same issue.
'76 T/A...First style Hurst weatherstrips by Metro Molding...too long in that area.

If I recall correctly, I measured carefully and  cut out the "extra" with a razor blade and glued them pieces back together with 3M weatherstripping adhesive...also put a thin coating over the outside edge of the seam.
It held fine and looked no less sloppy than original GM ;)

Jeff THANK YOU.  That little bit of advice will help me a lot.  Thanks again for the feedback and thats what i will do.

Happy to help.
I have no idea how some repro stuff (especially something like weatherstripping which should be fitted before production) can be so "off" sometimes.
Usually with a little work and patience, things can be adjusted to work.

COMPLETELY AGREE,  we have spent an eternity on trying to get one that would even be just glad they made it longer than shorter.  TY again for all your help.


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