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Cowl Tag Decoding Help needed.

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Cowl Tag Decoding Help needed. I know that the Trans am is 1978 ws4 (Trans Am) I don't understand the exterior color codes or the interior. Please if anyone can give me more insight I would greatly appreciate it.

Y88 TA:
19L and 19U is starlight black exterior lower and upper, 74B is carmine cloth interior.

thank you very much. This is my father's trans am and I remember it being blue and he would tell me it was originally black and for some reason, I just never believed it and now I know for a fact it is black. Is there anything else I need to look for on the car to identify it even more?

There's this info here on the site:

And if you need/want to know everything about the car as it was built from the factory:

I was just decoding the rest of the cowl tag myself and I did use that information on the main website the CA1 right under the 19U is the only thing that I can not decipher. Everything else is completed as far as information goes.


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