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highway star:
I concur with your deleting suggestions.

Sell me the domain and forum, and I'll convert it into the metaverseeeeee  ;D

good with both options, keep doing what you're doing Hitman

Thanks, Hitman, pretty good idea, I would look for some Huge files, IE: Outdated BMP,
And if there is a fast quick way for you to save some space is to convert huge-sized images to ".WEBP" without losing too much quality.

I say thanks for doing this and not just shutting down.  I think you do what is necessary but I agree with deleting members as you stated.  This forum has helped me alot all though I have not  been wrenching much recently.

Iím fine with both of these suggestions.  Although Iíve not logged in quite a while myself, Iíd still hate to see this site go away altogether.  Itís helped me considerably over the years and Iíve come to enjoy the interactions with the members here.


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