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Real information is here.  On FB, ask a question ad an hour later it is buried under tons of miscellaneous posts.  I donít use the FB sites.  I should go there on occasion, but I just donít even think about those sites.  Iím too old, I guess.  Hanging onto the past.

I guess it would be alright to delete those members that haven't signed in for 10 years, heck even 5 years is too long. I have found your site very helpful in getting information to restore my 1979 Trans Am. Other members wrote in with their expertise on many aspects of electrical problems I had in the past with my car. I found very useful the schematic and where to get the parts for the relay system for power windows. My windows now go up and down rapidly. Thank you for this website and forum and keep up the good work.


--- Quote from: Burd Turd on January 24, 2022, 11:07:54 PM ---Maybe staff that doesnít bully you.   Thatís why I started my own forum.  I see the same staff here. Nothing has changed

--- End quote ---

And how's that going for you?  LOL  ;D


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