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watkins tans am jacket

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I have a silver Watkins tans am jacket.... original...never worn...never been off the original hangar...amazing shape for its age ( no cracks...tears...stains.) I've had this jacket all my life it was part of a dealers package with a 1979 trans am from what I was told. I was born in 1980 so I wasn't there. But I did however own a 78 trans am .... got rid of it though.

I wanted to sell... but I'm a car guy... Pontiac/olds blooded to the core. So I would prefer this to go to ppl who will appreciate it instead of home shoddy eBay collector. I know what it's or pm me if interested.

I can't post pictures for home reason I need a photobucket account. If someone willnpoat them for me it would be most appreciated. Thank you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

I'd be interested in it can I see some picks pm me ill give u my email

Do you still have the jacket?

Intrested in purchasing a Smokey and the Bandit 2 Watkins jacket.PM me with any leads.Thank you

I know exactly what you mean by wanting to sell that jacket to someone who you know will appreciate it. I'm telling you I'm the one. If you have not sold it please respond to me. My email is my phone is 7087697323


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