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In the past 18 months, an informal survey returned interest in making the turbo display bar as a reproduction item.  After months of recreating a CAD drawing in order to obtain an RFQ, this idea (thanks to Joe at 301 Garage) is slowly becoming a reality. 

I am trying to find an easy way for members or any owner of a Turbo TA (in need of a replacement turbo light bar display) to respond?  I am not sure if this forum offers a survey tool or not? 

In any event, the final product will be expensive.  I realize many owners in the past have responded with "if it's about $50 or $100, I'll take one), I wish we could make it that cheap.  If cheap was our goal, quality would obviously be equal. 

The factory turbo light bar display is two pieces, connected by epoxy.  It was manufactured the color orange, same color as the display lens (low, medium, high).  The vendor sprayed it the color flat black, then applied decals (that also easily wore off).  We are attempting to make the unit as one piece, exactly the same design as a factory unit. 

So, as I approach vendors with an RFQ on a 100% "stock looking" turbo light display, I need to survey how many pieces to order?  Aside from exact numbers, how about a range?  50 pieces?  200 pieces?  The cost for both will not change much, just need to gauge the interest or demand?  I am trying to avoid a ridiculous tooling cost by talking with plastic vendors associated with our local Fisher-Price factory.  However, I imagine the cost will be close to $300-$400 per unit?   

Any suggestions? 


81Turbo TA:
I'm wondering if the category 'not interested' helps any.  Some people with non turbos may click on it just for the fun of it. or turbo people who dont need a light bar.   I think any turbo owner who has a cracked/missing one would be somewhat interested.  If they are priced around the ebay price, or better, then I wouldnt see a problem also.

The problem with the current or OEM turbo light bar is material.  The vendor for GM used a material that isn't able to withstand heat.  Since the Turbo motor generates a great deal of heat, all of the turbo light bars will crack (for those few remaining). 

The idea here is to reproduce the turbo light bar, using the same OEM design, using a different material.  The key here is OEM, not some other design that seems "cool." 

The cost will be significant due to tooling costs.  There has been a great deal of interest from members of 301 Garage. 

I think once it's offered, the demand will change... 


The process of reproducing the turbo light bar is moving along.  The Vo-Tech school produced several prototypes using 1:1 ratio printouts of the 3D CAD design.  After some adjustments to the dimensions and rendering new 3D drawings, we appear to have a final drawing, in 3D, with complete dimensions and electronic files of the Turbo Light Bar Display. 

While the instructor has shared the prototype with vendors, I'll need to stop into this process to find a suitable vendor.  At some juncture, I need some prototypes from one of these vendors in order to measure the quality. 

On a similar note, a new Turbo Light Bar Display will not be a cheap item.  The price will obviously be based on the cost to manufacture since the school completed design at a very low cost.  Please stay tuned or email me directly at for more information. 


I am posting these pix for "TurboTA"...with a brief introduction in his words.
I will let him chime in with further info.

Looks like this will be a great looking part IMO.

"These are .jpg pictures of the Autocad screen showing the final rendering of the design (front and back or rear)."


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