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Schechter S-1+ $350
- This guitar has a lot custom add on parts. Tom Anderson Guitar Works neck and bridge pickup, graphite saddles, custom ground corian marble nut, black metal knobs and push pull coil tap were all added since I've owned it. Nice carrying bag and strap included. Dual humbuckers This is about $500 worth of stuff after the price of the guitar.

Samick Malibu $100
- This guitar is in nice original condition and was my first guitar almost 15 years ago. Three single coil pickups. I've kept good care of this one since new. Case and strap included

Roland Cube 20X $60
- Nice condition guitar amplifier with a bunch of effects it can do.

I also have some other more expensive stuff not currently priced but open for negotiation...
Marshall 1960A speaker cabinet
Peavey XXX head
Dean Dimebag Darrell FBD (Far Beyond Driven) signature guitar with hard case
GNX4 guitar mixing station
other odds and ends.

Samick Malibu



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