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AUTHENTIC Smokey and The Bandit Jacket from 1978

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Opportunity to score an authentic BANDIT jacket. Hey y'all, I was handed down this red Watkins jacket from my grandfather who in fact bought this jacket in '79 at the Pontiac dealership in Van Nuys, CA.

It has been kept in storage ever since.
As a huge smokey fan he gave it to me to keep. I never wore it once because i wanted to keep it from being harmed. Its in immaculate condition.
bright red, gold lettering that say trans am by pontiac and bandit on the other sleeve. The exact jacket Burt wore..

Please tell me what something like this is worth. I really want to keep it but i suppose the right price I can let it go.
I found an "authentic" one on ebay signed for $650. I have no idea if that's the same as mine. Anybody have any knowledge on these. Thank you for your time.

I can send pics at request, text or call me. 818 294 2700

Heads up, I am the one who contacted you Friday with the offer. Just wanted you to know I was a forum member in case you wondered where I found your number. You probably knew that already though. Please let me know as I am a buyer.

Bought from this member and paid Monday. 7 hours after payment listed on eBay to resale. Told me he would remove the listing but did not. After hitting reserve text me to say they would not honor my purchase and that I would have to buybitvfrom eBay. Not an honorable member.

Wow that's dirty!

Signed up for no other reason than to make a quick buck and leave, should have had his first post deleted.


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