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78 TA - What is this part? Rear bumper washer?

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Can someone please help me identify this part? I tried Ames and could not locate it.  See the link below, they look like washers with orange rubber/ silicone around them. There are 4 that I can see from the trunk.!ArwKVRvkdHS6wwiUDa2MAjUHaaxa

They are simply washers to hold the rear bumper on but have a built in seal to keep water out. Probably similar out there that do the same job, even just plain washers with discs of rubber threaded onto bolts tight.

The GM part number is #7583551.  There is also a smaller version on the end bumper skin studs, #341092.

Here's one variation sold today with original part number:

OK, thank you for the detailed response, this is helpful.

For the record those part numbers are backwards, found conflicting GM listings.

#7583551 are the small bumper skin end sealing washers, also used between spoilers and trunk lid. 5/32", ID 3/4", OD 1/8" thick. Also, see NPD washer link above.

#341092 are the larger bumper bracket sealing washers that also have the plain flat washers mounted against them. Both are 15/32" ID, 1-1/4" OD, thickness not mentioned but likely 1/8" also. Top 4 used only, lower 4 are outside of trunk.

79-81 models mention a larger diameter 1-3/4" washer still with 15/32" ID for the studs #3813432 but I'm not familiar so maybe a 79-81 owner can check. The sealing washers carry a new number but no sizes so may be similar.

This looks like an alternative from AMK Products and a link located through Classic Muscle also. They simply list is as #463120 which I can't find a GM number for but is a 1.75" diameter cup washer with seal for 2nd Gen Camaros.


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