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Thinking about doing a LS Swap
« on: January 08, 2019, 10:47:33 AM »
A little about me,
I have been gone for a few years. I'm down to 1 TA. My Blue car. The engine Took a dive on me and I parked it. Life put it on hold. Kids in college loosing both parents you name it. The last few years been rough even moved back to town and lost my Shop I built Sold the big Farm it was not my thing. Now I'm settled Kids school is covered. I looking at getting my Car going. It needs a lot of TLC now. I have it setting on a trailer at my Aunt's Farm...
My Dilemma,
I'm Thinking about a LS swap There is a ton of info on the net about the subject. I'm mechanically inclined. However, I have never rebuilt a motor on my own. I feel like with the internet and the info available  I can do this. Does anyone that's done this think differently? I intend to get a 5.3 and all it components from a donor vehicle. Buy a new wiring harness for this type of project. I know you can get entire kits for this. Oil pans, wiring, alternator relocation and such.
One more question,
Anyone who done this, Did you mount your shaker to the hood? I would prefer to mount mine on the motor if possible. Nothing like watching it shake going down the road. lol  I have not seen anything online to do this. So I guess I would need to fabricate something to do so. Or do you know of anything?

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Re: Thinking about doing a LS Swap
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2019, 04:21:47 AM »
Hello, and welcome back...glad to hear things have settled down for you and sorry to hear you lost your parents...that is never easy

Your right...there is lots of info on doing an LS swap and if you can read, follow instructions, take your time and be sure of things and possess a we bit of mechanical inclination then you'll do just fine with the swap. As far as the shaker goes, I have seen both mounted to the hood and the engine. I prefer the engine but it will require a custom fabbed base as it will sit differently on the LS block...with a little thinking, planning trial and error, you can get it to mount to the engine. Glad to hear you kept your bird. I have kept mine for close to 20 years but sadly I have only driven it once!!

Good luck and post pics of how it is coming along!!
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