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6.6 liter vs 6.6 t/a

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The argument continues.  I have a stock/unmodified 1978 Trans Am with L78 Pontiac 400 CI engine and it came with 6.6 T/A on the shaker.  I have Pontiac documentation that refers to the W72 and L78 with only a slash between them and then refers to the L80 Olds Engine separately. We all know that all Trans Ams with Automatics had to come with the Olds Engine sold in California, and it was also the high altitude engine for the T/A.  When I come to the Nats, and see 6.6 Liter on the shaker you can bet your life savings that there is an Olds engine under the hood.  I think this debate was manufactured by W72 owners who wanted some reverence placed on that engine. Hey, you have chrome valve covers, be happy with that!

Not totally sure what your asking or saying but I do know that the 6.6 T/A shaker decal callouts were designed for the W72 engine since they were the "High performance engine".  The 403 and standard L78 400 got the 6.6 Litre shaker decal callouts.  If your's came with them from the factory then maybe it was ordered that way or a mistake.  I have the L78 400 and love sportiing the 6.6 Litre decals over the 6.6 T/A decals, but that's just me....

Also the W72 came with the auto or the 4 speed in 77 and 78 (I was informed recently) and only came with the 4 speed in 79.

Burd Turd:
I got my 78 off a car lot in 1979, and it had the 6.6liter on it from the Van Nuys factory.( L78 400)

in 78 only the w72 was to get a shaker decal of TA-6.6, all others were to be blank.

from tran-zam site

For this year the only decal applied to the hood scoop was the TA-6.6 decal.  The 6.6 LITRE call out was dropped.  This means that unless you ordered a W72 equipped Trans Am in 1978 your hood scoop came blank. 

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