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Identifying 455 Olsmobile engine


Dave EN:
I am interested in buying a 79 trans am with a 455 Olds. So far I only know casting number 396021 which i believe means it is somewhere in the 68-76 range. I askes the seller if it is F or Fa Code, no answer yet. Also I have some pictures but not able to upload here. Can anyone help or advise.

68-76 is basically all 455 Olds used in production cars. You are trying to find out what specific year and model it came out of? The engine number will tell you some basics.

Dave EN:
Yes, I am trying to find out the year and specs. (Hp and others). I have no enginenr yet.

Olds engine casting number on top in from where intake ends. block year and julian date code on block by distributor hole..
heads driver side by # one spark plug big block will have a letter small block will have a number. The letter or number will tell you what year and what type of head it is.. hoped this helps..

68 69 70 455 h.p. was roughy 375hp 71 on horse power drop


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