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75 Formula:
I've got a 1975 Formula with a manual trans with a 350. I'm trying to see if this is the original motor for this car. I found the block code (WN) and a set of #'s being the engine sequence # and I  know where to locate the VIN #'s  on the block but they are not there. There are no #'s in that area (down by the timing chain cover on the front of the block facing forward). I also know the first # should be a 2, (Pontiac), the second should be a 5 (1975), third should N, then the next 5 to 6 #'s should match my last 5 to 6 #'s of my VIN. Can that # be located elsewhere?

Possibly, but unlikely. Sometimes, but rarely, the motors weren't stamped. After 40 years, the block may have been machined, replaced, reconditioned, numbers may have been filed off etc. If there is no stamp on the block some states require a engine number, so you might or may as well restamp the number on there if it's blank. What is the date code on the block? It could be a warranty replacement

75 Formula:
I purchased this Pontiac from the original owner. He's had the motor rebuilt but in that area is was not machined at all. The block date code is D145 and the heads are dated D145 & D225. All within 8 days of each other in April of 1975.


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