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Well I thought I would post some past and present Photos of whats going on with my car and include a little story behind it.

It all started 9 years ago when I was leafing through the local Bargain Hunter. I came across this Firebird Esprit which featured T-Roofs, 301 V8, tilt steering, rear spoiler and rally wheels. The guy was asking $1500.00 (Canadian). Wanting a Trans Am, I had little interest in purchasing the car but I called anyway to go have a look because I was curious. I went, I looked and was amased at how there was so little rust compared to everything else I had looked at up to this point. I made a few phone calls to gather some cash which I didn't have of my own and I offered the guy $800.00 bucks cash. To my surprise he took it.

this is what I drove home

Then I probably made the worst mistake! I drove it to my grandparents and put it in the Garage and stripped it like you see below

This is how it stayed for the next 8 years. The only thing I have done is gather parts, read and learn about the car, move it from house to house, etc. etc.

This is how it looked this spring when I got it to my current house

Well over the past month I have cleaned out the garage, emptied all the parts out of it, and today I was able remove the subframe and engine assembly.

All of this action has got me excited about working on it again. I am just glad that my wife has not forced me to get rid of it because I don't know of too many wives that would put up with it for 9 years. It also gives me pleasure to flip the bird to all those who keep telling me to get rid of it because I'll never get it back to gether. Oh it will go back together and it will be painted this colour

I came across this colour yesterday and it is exactly what I had pictured in my head for what I wanted. Long story but if you have read all of the post, thank-you and I will update it as I go along over the next while.


If you remember "Project Rescue", It will provide several donatable parts to make "The Project" run again

This is Project Rescue R.I.P.

Thank-you for your time


thats funny and cool. Hopefully you are working on it right now.

Nexus: work...helps pay for the car

Funny your story is very similar to mine, The funny thing is that the color you chose is the exact color I am having mine painted.  Good luck with the project and NEVER GIVE UP on a dream.

Just keep working on her, every hour counts! Thanks for sharing the story.


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