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Title: Source for quality rebuilt rochester
Post by: stonewall61 on June 02, 2021, 12:06:07 AM
So..... its been a long time since i payed attention to Betty..... way too long. Id like to get a carb for a 400 build. I was going to order a carb from a shop on ebay that i have watching for literally over 5 years, and now, they are out of them and can find no info on the shop or seller (and they just offered it to me at 5% off a couple months ago but i wasnt ready) my typical luck..... anyone have a place to suggest i look? Looking for a divorced choke rochester, rebuilt, replated, ready to go stock 400 auto tranny. Im in the $500.00 range..... I dont care about numbers matching or anything other than a quality rebuild...... and no, i probably cant afford a cliff ruggles rebuild.... ha...
Title: Re: Source for quality rebuilt rochester
Post by: Wallington on June 04, 2021, 05:20:09 AM
Do you have a divorced choke intake manifold? You can't just order a quadrajet, you have to know what will fit and work, so they can supply or build one. If you have a stock or modified setup, that may matter a little or a lot, regardless of if you care if it's original or not. Important to know if stock as mentioned, so they can also work to that spec or upgrade slightly but still work. But divorced choke isn't a stock setup for 78 unless it's been swapped around over the years. Maybe it is.