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Hello!! One last working day before the Goodyear Reproduction Tires see a $10/ tire increase!! Get with me to get the best price.. 816-654-3400

The show season still has a couple of stops in it!! I will be in Vegas for SEMA!! I will also be attending the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals at the Rosemont Center in Chicago. Contact me if you want tires delivered to the event so that you can save on shipping!!

Thanks to everyone who has seen and said hi to me during this summer!! I am still available to answer any questions you may have for tires and your ride!!

Hello again!! Two things!!
1) If you are going to SEMA in Vegas, look me up! I will be in Kelsey Tires display.

2) Contact me if you are wanting tires delivered to MCACN. The sooner I hear from you, the better chance we will not have any backorders. My cell is 816-654-3400

Getting psyched for the Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals at the Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago. If you need tires delivered, let me know. Picking up tires on Wednesday. Stop by my booth and talk. I will also be giving an informational speech/ discussion. Need hecklers in the room!! My cell is 816-654-3400. See you next weekend Nov 18 and 19!!

Hello again!!! Getting ready for the holidays! Wanted to share some big news! Besides the Goodyear reproductions, I am now going to be carrying the lineup that Coker has! This means that anything in the reproduction tire categories, I have access to it! Pie Crust Slicks, Radial Wide Ovals, M&H Racemasters, and many other things. Contact me if you have any questions about anything tires!! My cell is 816-654-3400!


Couple of things on the calendar for Jan...

Jan 6th.... I will be attending the Pure Stock Christmas party in Britton, MI.... if you want tires brought to this event, let me know quickly... Any of the Firestone, BFG, US Royal product, I need to know sooner rather than later.

Jan 26-28.... Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, CA... yes, I will be attending the Grand Daddy!! Get with me to have tires brought out...

As always.... my phone is close by - 816-654-3400


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