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power windows
« on: January 21, 2010, 08:09:18 AM »
My driver side window just barely intersects the weatherstipping when rolled up to it's extent and this allows the wind to come in at hwy speeds or in any kind of wind( DFW is always windy too).  I printed myself the window guide from the TAC site and followed it's instructions to try and move the window up a little more- I think a few mm's would do the trick.  And then I spent another 90 minutes trying to undo those adjustments because the door wouldn't close anymore...  I wonder now if my window is mounted in the correct spot because the windows are adjusted all the way inboard, and all the way forward now, and I need a little more travel on both those adjustments....

For those who have adjusted their windows, what worked for you?  Is there a method or sequence in which to adjust them? 

I finally got the window adjusted to where the door would close and remounted the door panel and got everything back on only to find out the somehow the cables to adjust the mirror are now in the way of the window and it won't roll down all the way....

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