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I recently picked up a 79 Trans Am I intend to completely restore. According to the cowl data it was not originally a Y84 TA but i intend to restore it as one. I was wondering if this would dramatically decrease the value of the car when it was done. Also wanted to know if i am changing what it originally was, should I consider an engine change. It has an olds 403 now which needs a total rebuild.  I am being told that I could probably get a new crate engine for less then the rebuild would cost. I know the Pontiac 400 had considerable more horsepower. I know trying to find the Pontiac or going with the Crate engine would completely change it from being original and would appreciate any input. Thanks

You ought to check some of the posts on this site.  Others here think you can get a rebuild for $3,600.  If you can do it, I'd rebuild the 403.  And, the 403 had more horsepower than the standard Pontiac 400.

Pontiac 400 180HP
Oldsmobile 403 185HP
Pontiac 400 W72 220HP.

I think a crate engine would cost more in the long run.

Thanks for the reply. Do you think a "cloan" special edition would be worth considerably less the an actual one with matching cowl data?

I think you should build exactly what you want and not worry about what it will be worth.  As long as it's a nice looking car it will have value.  I don't think a clone is worth less because someone made it a clone.  However, a clone won't bring the same value as the real thing.

I look at it this way... A totally restored 1979 Trans Am would be about $18,000.  If you made the car into a "clone", then you loose some value because you are not going back Original, but you are making it more desiarable by making it what people want.  So, if you Clone the car, I would put it at about $18,000.  So, going back to original or making it a clone would probably net you about the same amount in the end.


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