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Whats it worth?


I was looking at a 1981 Firebird Esprit with a V6. it has a great body and decent paint with a formula hood and a rear spoiler, the interior is good, it has good tires and it runs and drives well. I was wondering what I should offer the seller.

Tin Indians Rule:
What do you feel the car is worth? Have you been pricing cars like it lately? I never go by the NADA guide or KBB websites, I try to use what the market is actually doing at that time. Look through the online traders and other muscle car websites and develop a run of the mill price. Compare to what the seller is asking and then low ball him. You can always go back and offer more money but every dime you didn't cut him up front you'll never get it back again.

Just don't insult the guy with a silly offer and don't pay more than you're willing to invest. Rule of thumb I use is never pay more than I can sell it for if forced to do so in a hurry. That way you shouldn't end up losing money.

good luck and post some pics. We can give you a better idea of value if you post some detailed pics.


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