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I can't help but notice how easily everyone can notice incorrect parts on these ebay cars--It makes me wonder how badly I would get scre#@ed when my car is done if I sold it. I am going with a non-factory color because it is more appealing to me, deluxe seats from a 77 in my 78--again because I like them better and the outline gold bird with black inset and I am going to put the sail panel emblems as well as the t/a 6.6 shaker decals--why--because I like it. I guess its a good thing I never plan on selling it!!! I know I am a moron but I will have close to $23,000.00 in it  when it is done but I guarantee it will be rust-free and have as good of a body and paint-job as any out there!!!!!!!!

well it is your car, so you do what you want....and if you plan on selling it just as long as its a decent looking ride then you shouldnt have too much trouble selling, we pick out the things that people think most people wont if someone was saying their car was numbers matching and posted all the info to show that it actually isnt....we catch onto long as you dont do anything extrememly outragous it should sell decently....

Right, As long as you tell the different things you did and dont lie or try to be "Mr Sneeky Man" then you'll be fine

At least I would't have to be sneaky if I would sell it I have about 50 pictures showing every part of the resto thus far, and its only about 40 percent done!! the guy doing it usually does street rods and always wins ribbons when complete but he is more anal than felix unger on the odd couple!! hopefully, it will help the wife after I die when she goes to sell it (probably at my funeral she will start the bidding--not a T/A lover!!)

If you build to sell it (and for lots of people the hobby is the building) then it'd pay to do the best you could to get close to stock/correct.....
However, for your own car where the point of the exercise is the enjoyment of ownership....then suit yourself...anything less would be to short change the enjoyment you'd get from the car....there would always be the "I wish I'd built it X way" feeling after you're done.
Personally, I always prefer a car with a "factory" feel to it, but with performance mods and maybe a personalised paint scheme/colour....rather than stick with a dead correct stock car.


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