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Tin Indians Rule:
Hello Gents, Once again I have a co-worker that has approached me about buying his "car"... he called it.  I'd like some honest across the board ideas of this cars value in dollars right now to gauge against his asking price. He's wanting to move the car to fund his daughters college education.

The car is a 75 400 4 speed Trans am with 33,000 actual documented miles. Absolutely original down to the air in the tires and just drop dead mint. Items replaced are anti-freeze, oil, spark plugs, oil filter, battery, tires, wheels (he kept the original honeycombs with caps and bands and they look perfect) with the original tires mounted on them, headers were added and a pioneer radio. Both the Delco radio and the exhaust manifolds were kept. He said it was an early car built and when he ordered it the 455 was not available. 455 was again available later in the year??? Could this be true too? Car has perfect untouched original paint and decals. Car is red and the interior is black deluxe. There no creases, scuffs, blemishes, etc anywhere in the car.

No power windows, no power locks, no power trunk, no defog and NO AIR CONDITIONING. Title is one owner showing titled at 7 miles. Comes with every single piece of paper from dealership, financial documents, 8 track demo tape???, warranty card, picture of the car sitting in the 4th position on the bottom of the car hauler at the dealership, 2 sets of unused keys in the gm leather key guard, and a ton of other documents. Even a response letter from engineering regarding a missing differential cover bolt. Has been covered and quilted in a heated/cooled garage since 75. driven once a year but started and allowed to idle, rev up/down for about 20 minutes every month or so. Washed and waxed yearly and looks like a mirror. Pictures will be coming in a week or so.

I know the 74-75 don't do as well as the 76's and other years but I'd figure this thing should be pretty valuable considering it's unmolested state. How many 31 year old cars can you say are original right down to the tires. Switching the manifolds and radio would be a breeze. As well as hunting the right filters and spark plugs. Your thoughts???

Sounds like a pretty cool prospect.  The 455 wasn't available in early 75, but it was available again later in the mid year - but there's nothing at all wrong with a 400.  I'm sure rjkellerjr can ring in on this alot better than I can, but it sounds like a pretty sweet ride to me.   :D

Yes, Pontiac brought back the 455 with 4 speeds later in 1975 and termed them as "455 H.O" motors although there were the same 455 available in the bigger Pontiac's as well. Would love the see pics of this car you are talking about. I would say with the Honeycombs, mileage and such, I would think around $13,000 to $16,000 range would be a fair price. The 74 Trans Am's have been doing pretty well on ebay as of late, being they are the last year with the fastback/flat rear window. I haven't followed the 75's as closely but I think that car might be a great investment.

I mean as much as I love the late model 77 and later cars, they are everywhere. It's nice to me to see 76 and earlier cars at shows like The Nats and such.

For whatever reason The 75 Trans Am seems to be the blacksheep of 2nd Gen's, even moreso than the 80/81 301 cars for some reason. Alot of people didn't like the odd grille's with the horizontal slats and parking lights mounted in them and then stuffing block off plates in the valence panel where the parking lights were designed to go originally like the 74 cars. Created an awkward look. Other's don't seem to like the black rubber strip bumpers.

Personally I like them alot and I think being alot rarer than the 77 and later models you couldn't go wrong. I think there was only like 27,000 75's compared to like 119,000 produced in 79.

Just my opinions though :?

Ya, I agree with everything Mark said (he stole all my thunder  :wink: ).  You don't see '75's much anymore.  They seem to be an odd breed.

If the car had more options it would be worth more.  It doesn't have anything on, it's fairly plane and I don't see in your post whether it's a Trans Am or a Formula.  If your comfortable, post the VIN and one of us will decode it.  Having said that, being a survivor in the condition it's in, it's worth a little more than average.

If you can wait a couple days get Rick to chime in when he gets back from the Superbowl.  He knows a lot about the '75's as he also owns one.

Post some pics if you can, we'd love to see it.


--- Quote from: "rkellerjr" --- It doesn't have anything on, it's fairly plane and I don't see in your post whether it's a Trans Am or a Formula.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: "Tin Indians Rule" ---The car is a 75 400 4 speed Trans am with 33,000 actual documented miles.
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Wake up time, Rich :wink:


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