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Restoring this Anniversary to original?

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I found a 79 for sale in a town near where I live.  The guy claims it's an Anniversary car so I asked for the VIN.  (2X87K9L142146)  So, now that I know he was right, I have to decide if it would be worth the time and effort to restore it.  He has completely torn it apart and customized it.  The car is red with an airbrushed Yosimite Sam on the hood.  It has the orignal engine in it but has been rebuilt with all aftermaket parts and has sold all of the original stuff.  The interior is all black cloth and there are speakers in the door panels.  He did nice work on everything so the car, although nothing like a 10th Anniversary, is in great shape so it won't be cheep to buy.  I think I could get it for around $7000 or so.  It has 65,000 miles on it.  Wondering if some of you guys out there who have restored the TATA's could offer some advice as wether or not I could get this back to original shape and not lose money when it comes time to sell.  From what I understand it is somewhat difficult to get correct parts for these cars.  I also know that a low mileage Anniversary could sell for quite a bit.   What has the modifications he has done do to the value of this car, and what kind of money would it take to get it to be worth something?

well they take money to make money....hows the interior ? thats the hardest parts to find for that car.....paint is easily fixable...but its the small details that can add up....if you havent seen the seat covers alone are 1000 bucks, not to mention nobody reproduces the correct carpet, and the door panels arent as good as orginals either....but if the body is good shape...interior is ok with not alot wrong and youve got the time and money then id say go for it...

I haven't restored a TATA, but I can tell you that finding the correct peices to restore it is going to be quite a challange. I'm sure you are aware of this already though. I know some of the interior stuff is or was available as reproductions, but I don't know how they compared to original or NOS parts. If you decide to buy it, good luck. :D

The interior looks very nice, but it is all black cloth.  It would all have to go.  I don't particularly just have to have it back to original, it's just that I am a college student and I plan to graduate soon and will need to start thinking about buying a house.  I may want to sell this car when I've finished with it and had a year or so to enjoy it, so I just need to turn it back into a desirable TATA that someone would want to buy.  I know that the seat covers alone are going to be about $1000, and that's my concern.  The paint should be an easy fix because the body on it is perfect, just needs to be a different color, but the decal kit is going to set me back a lot too.  How much should I worry about getting stock pieces for the engine.  He has the performer RPM intake and edelbrock carb, a matching cam.  Hood scoop is not on the car and he doesn't have it.

I agree with the posts above.  The interior is the hardest to get for.  The only thing they make is the seat covers and door panels (and they aren't that perfect of a reproduction).  All of the rest of the interior you are on your own for like the steering wheel, horn button, radio, carpet, headliner, etc.  From the description you have of the car, you might be putting another $7,000 or $8,000 into the car.  So you would have $16,000 into a car that might only be worth$17,000 when finished.  Now prices are going up on the Anniversary cars, but if it is a 403 automatic car, they are run of the mill.  If it was a 400 4-speed car, then I would say go for it.


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