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Tin Indians Rule:
Gents, I am curious as to what the effect on value would be if a person changed a factory red/white mixed interior into a black/white mixed interior. I am to the stage of ordering interior parts in my restoration and I just think I prefer to put it back black/white. The car is a 76 and I plan to keep it for several years. But, will it really effect the value if the car is numbers matching and the interior is not as GM built the car? I mean I know it depends on the person buyin it... but say would it be a $300.00 drop in value or $1000.00

I goofed in the set up of the poll

Should be RED/WHITE

I'm an idiot today...well most days

i think red/black looks better. i would just go back all original. what ever your car came with would be what goes back in it if it was me.

Tin Indians Rule:
I feel the same way about being loyal to the originality of a car. I mean I'd go to the end of the world looking for an original part before I'd use an aftermarket part. Especially on a car that is original except tires, belts, plugs, wires, dist cap and battery. I'm just really having a hard time swallowing this red!!! I figure I'll do whats right in the end and maybe this is just my crazy way of talking myself into it. LOL

Gee..... Lets see, what colors did I vote for?.... Hmmmm... Just take a look around you at the colors of my website and I bet you can guess which color combo I picked.

Ok, for my two cents here...... Here is what I always tell people.  Who cares about what the value of the car is going to be when it is done.  You are not doing this for the money, you are doing this for the love of your car.  Don't listen to people who tell you what to do with your car.  You know why?...... IT IS YOUR CAR..... You paid the money for it, you can do with it whatever you want to do.  If you want black and red, black and white, white and red, red and pink, purple and fucia.... who cares... it is yours and I think you should do with the car what your heart desires.  After all, whatever color changes you make.... it is not like they cannot be undone at any point in time.  Whatever color you go with on the interior can be changed before you sell it so why not make the car exactly how you want it to be?  The car is yours for whatever period of time you see fit, so make it yours, make it what you want, and don't let people tell you otherwise.

Did I sound too passionate?


--- Quote from: "Hitman" ---Did I sound too passionate?
--- End quote ---

No -- but to me, my car is therapy.

In the past few years I have accumulated a boat-load of problems I neither sought nor wanted.  All of them came from situations that were put into action many years ago.  The people who started them in motion either moved off, gave up, died, or walked away.  In life, SOMEBODY has to be the adult and make the hard decisions.  I feel the obligation to be that person, and it is NOT easy.  In short, I NEED something to distract me from the toils and troubles of daily life.

I therefore try to keep my original 31 year old TA in as close to factory shape as possible.  If I pick up another gen 2 F-body I will probably modify it as I see fit, but not get too far from the "factory" configuration.  I've done likewise with a gen 1 Sprint, a 1966 Chevy Impala, and a 1977 GM H-body.  But my gen 2 TA is special -- so I try to keep it as original as possible.  Driving it, sitting in it, even LOOKING at it allows me to take a "mental vacation" back to a time when I did not have all these snakes to kill and alligators to remove from the swamp.

Just an idea of why I vote for keeping my cars somewhat close to what they were originally. :lol:


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