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Harley Cruise-in, Finally a good day!
« on: May 19, 2007, 11:02:07 PM »
What a great evening today was after trying for the past two to three weeks.  We've been rained out every Saturday night.  However, today was just gorgeous and man the cars were out tonight.  Hope you guys enjoy these pics.  Again, I was the only firebird there...

I got to talk with this guy and found out that he's a nieghbor.  Just lives a few blocks from me in the same neighborhood and he just bought the car a month ago.

One of the big boats of the '70's.

Very nice GTO!

Wow, this car was phenominal.  I would have loved to own this car.

Our sister F-body.

Here are some general pics of the show.  I'd imagine we had about 70 cars there for a couple of hours.

This cars engine was awesome, it was a drag car but street legal.

Hey, nice Trans Am!!!

Wanted to take you guys back to the future.

I loved the hood on this car.  I have been thinking about doing something similar to mine.

I used to own a car just like this when I was 17.  I bought it from a car dealership.  Talk about a girl chaser.  My girlfriends never wanted to ride with me.  I just couldn't understand why not.

More rows of cars.

This was a sweet ride.

This pic was taken over at the Bass Pro hang out.  I went there after things slowed down at the Harley meet. This is mrbradva's '79 TA.  So at the Bass Pro there were two 2nd Gen's and I saw three 4th Gen's.

Hope you enjoyed the pics, it was a lot of fun.  This goes on all summer and into the fall every Saturday night!  The police even showed up and walked around and chatted with folks.