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Rock Auto VS local auto parts stores

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--- Quote from: SavingTheBird76 on September 01, 2011, 09:34:21 PM ---Every time I call a local auto parts store..I get the same song and dance.
Phone rings 30 times,guy answer's and asks if he can help me.
I tell him what I need..he puts me on hold..answer's the phone again in 10 minutes. >:(
Service today is extremely poor.
I prefer to shop online with rock auto.
They have a bigger selection and better pricing..even if I have to pay shipping.
They don't carry high performance parts..but they always send the correct parts quickly.
Rant over. 8)

--- End quote ---

haven't tried to purchase replacement parts in rockauto but I guess not all local auto parts you'll see has a bad customer service. So far I don't have any negative experience for this.

Rockauto is great! They have good prices than other auto retailers and they often offer 5% discount codes. Would have been great if they could have offered free shipping as well.

1976 SE SF:
You had 20 years in the auto business and went to work for a parts store? The people that take that job usually don't know a thing about cars. If they did then they would probably charge mechanics prices. If you don't know what year your Chevy small block is then you shouldn't be putting it into 1940's cars and asking high school kids how it works. I worked at O'Reilly's for a year and came to understand how entitled people are to put their foot on you in order to make themselves seem superior. Chevy didn't put small blocks into 1940's cars so you know for a fact it won't come up in the computer and you know for a fact they're going to look it up anyways and you watch them do it specifically so you can make them feel stupid. I would have sold you the 1/4 paper gaskets for your valve covers just so they leaked all over your smell block.


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