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can anyone help me identify a decal?

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461 stroker transam:
hello. nearing the home stretch of a 1980 rebuild. everything looks like it will be done before spring. I'm sure I'll be asking more questions as we get close, but right now I need to pick a color for the car. don't want to go with a stock color, but it HAS to have the decals. so what I've done is order a sail panel 3 inch bird in 7 colors for 1980. my question comes in here; they only had one version of "gold". but I believe there were 2? 8 total? they haven't arrived yet, and the site didn't have pictures of them all, but the colors I ordered were silver, orange, red, burgundy, blue, bronze, and dark gold.
I remember seeing a picture of a "hollow" gold bird (have it on my phone, but can't remember where I got it), but I'm not sure if this is the missing example, and I don't know what year it was for.
it basically had the outline of each feather in a bright gold. with the background showing through. all the feathers were the same color, the bird body a little darker.
can anyone help me with this? what year would this have been? special edition?
I'm kind of leaning toward a dark red metallic, almost burgundy paint, and thought that the hollow gold bird might look pretty nice. but not if I can't find it...

Are you asking for 1980 only specific hood birds, or 77-81 collectively? There were only 6 colors available in 1980. Here is a breakdown of the available colors of bird decals beginning with 1977.
Gold/Matte Gold, (available only on SE models)
Gold/Yellow/Orange (non SE models)
New style Gold/Bronze (used only on Y-88 Gold SE cars)
Gold-Yellow/Orange (non SE cars)
Blue/Black (Martinique Blue cars only)
Gold/Matte Gold (Black SE cars only)
Dark Blue/Light Blue
Gold/Bronze (only gold decal offered in 79')
Dark Charcoal/Silver
Dark Blue/Light Blue
Gold/Bronze (was darker than the 79' version)
Red (replaced Red/Orange from 79')
Dark Charcoal/Silver
Burgundy (new for 1980)
Bronze (new for 1980)
1981 (bird was redesigned and one solid color, and the Gold and Orange decals were darkened at some point during the production run. The earlier 81 models are a lighter color Gold and Orange)
My guess is that you are probably speaking of the 77-78 style hood bird. They have what I call "see through feathers" and there were 2 different color gold birds in that style also. I think the hood bird you may be wanting is the 77-78 Gold-Yellow/Orange decal.

461 stroker transam:
I'm thinking I should try to stick with the 79-81 birds. 78 and earlier had a different style right? (maybe 81 did as well?)
I hope this pic comes through. but this is what I'm looking for. I guess you can call it 'see through feathers', but I don't think it's a '78.
this is an example of the sail panel emblem. hoping the hood bird is similar?

461 stroker transam:
very nice T/A btw...
are those 15" or aftermarket snowflakes? what tires?

Yes, the 78 and back birds were a little smaller and styled different. The pic you show is of a Gold 1981 hood bird decal for a shaker hood. 79-80 had the same style bird and then in 81, like the pic you posted, it was similar but a different style also. The feathers are different on the 81's compared to the 79-80 shaker birds. Also, 79-80 hood bird decals are what they call 5 color decals, (they have 5 different shades of the same color on them), in 81' they are basically 1 color.


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