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Delco Freedom battery top?

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Any body know if "Bird Turd" is still making the Delco Freedom battery top? Bill - Southern Classic Trans Ams

It's not really a "top".  It's the two caps, one with the delco eye and two decals.  Last I heard he was looking for someone to make the decals.  The caps are expensive to make and I think he gets $50 for a set.  You can contact him on  I have a set of caps but not the decals.  I need the Freedom decal not the Freedom II.

Burd Turd:
The new freedom battery "Topper" will be out soon, molded in correct color blue plastic, complete with a 2 PC plexi EYE, and avail in either Freedom or Freedom II, down the road we will do a black topper run, those were  used up through the 90's and then some,  I'll post here when we have then.  Should be in a few weeks.  These toppers will lay on top of a stick size battery, and held on with the stock hold down.
Get ahold of me if your not sure wich to put on your car, for 1976 and up. 

I need two for a group 75 battery Delco Freedom II.

Burd Turd:
Group 75? It'll be a 89 series. 89-60 89-5. Same thing.  60 month, 5 year. 


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