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1981 turbo trans am 301 passenger side exhaust manifold


Hi guys,

I am looking for a passenger/Turbo side exhaust manifold for my turbo 301. Unfortunately when I started rebuild and restoring my 81 TA I found this was crack. Once I started searching for one    I found this is a pretty common problem I am still surprised at this with only 31,000 miles on the car. Anyway I was wondering if anyone may have a good one or could send me in the right direction to find one.

Also If I can not find one does anyone have any tips or tricks in repairing the one I have currently?

Thank you in advance guys I appreciate any help I can get. 

Maybe a possibility for repair...

Thank you. Might try something like that. Was debating on welding or brazing it I have welded cast before but its really easy to end up in a worse position then I am now.


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