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79 403 t-stat housing type1

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Sounds about right. I tried FB, canít seem like to wrap my head around it though.

I'm a member of several car groups on Facebook and the amount of misinformation posted is frightening.
You may have to search a bit here but at least  the information you find here is much more reliable.

Hitman is still around...just taking some personal time off.

Out of all of my searches for info for the build of this car, Iíve found more info on this site than any other. Hence, my reason for joining. Thanks guys, for sticking around and keeping it active. Who knows, maybe someday I can even help someone else out.

You're helping out Aus said, it's nice just to see a new member actually check back and reply to their posts.

Realized that since I'm still up, I might as well send you the pictures now...and I won't worry about forgetting to do it tomorrow.
Sending you an email now.


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