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1977 403


I have a 1977 403 trans am but have no idea what a sell price for it would be. It has after market t-tops I belive. New wheels from year one and cooper tires. I recently replaced all cooling, radiator, thermo, hoses. Replaced fuel, carburetor, fuel pump and rebuilt the radiator. Breaks recently done.. At the moment use it to get around town. The paint job looks like it's had several coats so will have to go down to metal... otherwise pretty good condition. Only one crack on dash. California car, I know the previous had a rebuild on the engine not sure when thpugh and it has a salvage title, previous  said due to theft. Any help would be much appreciated. I just dont have the pockets at the moment to restore it to the glory I'd like to at the moment

Going to vary widely on the condition and if it is a matching numbers or highly modified car.  Some pictures would also help.


All my pics were to big so here's a video lol
To my knowledge it's matching, not much in mods, except sway bars and ac bypass

Sorry for the delay as well

No ball parks?


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