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Hooray for Hitman

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HAHAHAHA!! No way, no offense taken, I guess my post does sound a little too serious.  No worries dude!

Awesome!!!  Thanks much!!

I remember a couple years back I emailed Brett about a shaker ring I bought.  I had no clue what year car it was for and he took the time to reply to my email and really take the time to inform me and went on and on...He's a great guy

Look....I'm not in any way implying anything about Bret.  I too have purchased from him.  It was a simple joke....NOTHING MORE....I'm sorry if my sense of humor went a little too deep.  I saw the perfect set up for a good laugh and knowing I'd probably hang myself I took it.  I still chuckle when I think about it though.  LOL  I more knee pad jokes from me.  LOL

Don't worry, this is a friendly board here.  What... didn't you guys notice in my "Parts for Sale" section that I sell decals, rims, hats, CD's,etc., and I also sell knee pads?


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