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Kentuckyyeti, the Sequel

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Yeah... what they said Mike!  Your not too bad as purse carrying Sasquatch go ;)

Seriously... thank you... you and Rita are top notch people and i'm thankful to be able to deal with someone that doesn't just look at these birds as a $$$$ sign...


--- Quote from: Sir english firebird on December 04, 2007, 05:04:59 AM ---Your name will appear in the door or other panel of a brand new car. ( Just ask Jeff! ) lol

--- End quote ---

It's true  :D :D :D he'll write your name inside a door shell as tribute ;D  :D

Sir english firebird:
Its there for prosterity! ;D ( i hope i spelt that right!  :-[)

posterity  ;)

It's the thougt that counts though, not the spelling ;D

(just don't ever spell it wrong again  >:( :D :D :D )

isn't proserity something that has to do with your rear?


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