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It just seems someone would have better things to do with their time.
You received a refund, yet continue to try and spread the word about a bad seller. I have sold many things on the boards, and occasionally I have had issues
Some were completely my fault and I fixed them.
Some were not and I still fixed them.
If you look at this from both sides.....
You bashed the guy enough, so he gave a refund, and you still can not let it go
Life is too short

Ok, guys, peopple have free reign (most of the time anyway) to post what they fell about sellers.  We try to watch out for each other about purchasers and people who sell stuff to us.  BANONE was informing us of a bad experience he had with a seller ... oh and by the way, welcome to my Forum.  I am sure there are people out there that will say good things about this seller.  I am also sure there are people out there that say bad things about me.  It goes both ways both pro's and con's.  I think the point has been made and statements have been said.  I think we can leave it for what it is worth.


--- Quote from: Hitman on February 11, 2008, 10:43:41 AM ---I am also sure there are people out there that say bad things about me. 

--- End quote ---

Not after Hammer pays them a visit...they ain't saying much of anything. :o :o ;)

I was sent an email telling me about this site, Thanks ;D
I regret that we found the site under this situation.
The member BANONE ( Mark) ordered a set of seat covers and a headliner for his Trans Am
These items shipped together.
The shipping quote he posted was indeed from us, BEFORE the Post Office changed the Services they offered
They no longer offer the 4- 6 week Delivery service which was what we used for the International shipments
We had Quoted Mark a cost for shipping
Mark decided to purchase the items  many weeks later using the same Price for shipping.
However with the new rules we were able to send both packages to him with USPS
The items shipped together, Thus if he received ONE he received both.
Mark keeps asking for a second Tracking number, bbut there is not one since the items SHIPPED TOGETHER
I am unsure why he claims not to had received the headliner, maybe he is upset because the first time we talked we quoted him a higher shiping rate than we needed when the order was placed
When the items arrived maybe he thought we took advantage of him in our shipping cost.
Anyway, The tracking info shows he received the items, Paypal would not refund his money. I have issued a refund for the cost of the headliner thinking it would be a meet in the middle kind of thing, and hopefully he could let this go
If he wants to continue making these stories up we really can not stop him, but I can guarantee anyone who purchases from us will indeed receive the item they pay for.
I know Brett sells many of the same items we do, so I will not advertise on his site because it just does not seem right.
If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me and I will be happy to answer the best I can

Thanks for coming here Steve.  Now, we heard both sides of the story so I think we can let this one go.


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