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I bought several things ($800.00 +) worth from this guy back before I joined this forum and still to this day have yet to receive some of it, its been months and nothing.

I got an email stating he was sorry it was taking so long and the stuff was shipping and still nothing..

Just a fair warning.. I've been more than patient and given ample time and now I'm spreading the word !

That kind of situation sounds familiar.....

Sorry to hear that you got scammed also.
I posted a warning on all the sites I could about this guy earlier this year. Trans am country pulled it straight away and I got slammed for being a scammer trying to rip him off. Hitman was nice enough to let it stay, and encouraged a balanced debate and bandittransam car club site was dead.
When I was asked why I pursued the matter so hard, I stated to try and save others from the hassle.
Unfortunately it seems I was not successful.
Again, sorry to hear you got ripped off, I see there have been numerous similar issues since my transaction. His ebay rating is getting worse by the day.
Spread the word. What else can we do?

Fbodywarehouse has said that the problem in this case is his, and he's saying he's going to step up and make it right.  Apparently this guy is a reseller for Pete and it's Pete's problems that caused the difficulties.  It sounded as if it will be resolved within a few days. :-\

What kind of parts are you waiting on?


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